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Innerstate Gallery

Eastern Market Detroit  |  2013

Drawn to the Eastern Market area for its developing artist community, this client found an opportunity to continue their unique art display and distribution business through the renovation of a historic three-story building on Gratiot Avenue.


The street side of the ground floor became Innerstate Gallery, which hosted shows by leading and emerging artists worldwide. The gallery design was a simple intervention of white walls which slip between the large wood columns of the space, direct circulation and views, and contrast to the raw brick walls and wood ceiling in the space. 


The alley side ground floor as well as the second floor were arranged to house the diverse needs of the 1xRUN offices and print production where limited-run artwork is printed on site, auctioned, packaged, and shipped.

Project Team: Et al. Collaborative (Tadd Heidgerken, Kristen Smith)

Photography: Sal Rodriguez

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